LA Properties LLC

LA Properties provides professional quality tenant placement referrals and services along with property negotiation to the metropolitan and surrounding areas. LA Properties clients and partners include:  FCA Partners LLC , Integral Management Company, CF Lane Management Company, Integrity Management Group, just to name a few. Also, multiple Housing Authorities and private investors and community partners. "Having strategic partnership is a strong pulse in rebuilding communities and families."

LA Properties routinely facilitate and educate new portfolio investors and onsite teams on HUD/Housing Choice standards for programs and procedures resulting in increased occupancy and revenue for multifamily apartment community, Airbnb Housing, single family homes investments and much more.

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LA Properties and partners are always acquiring quality products to serve the community at large

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LA Properties interests are always to seek out the latest and greatest methods to (“Plug”) assist my customers and clients in reaching their highest goals and maximizing their fullest potential.

Lolita Anderson of LA Properties is a subject matter expert with over fifteen years of Tenant Placement Services, Property Management and Strategic Marketing Services